Spirituality, Meditation and Peace : RK Gupta Author of Spiritual Books

March 21, 2010,  New Delhi, India

Spirituality,  Meditation & Love:  According to R. K. Gupta spirituality results in meditation, whence Love follows. “I have known Shri Purohitji for quite some time now. He is a saint and whatever he has written,has” been written with intense feelings and from self-experience. He has made a splendid effort in putting this all together. Generally it is so difficult to give words to something which lies in the domain of the heart, but Shri Purohitji has accomplished this task. This book “The Road to the Inner World” is divided in various chapters, which are extremely interesting to read. Various anecdotes in the book enhance its readability and the message enters in one’s heart effortlessly. He writes in his book that like Radio or TV, human beings also receive signals and they receive these signals according to their own inner tuning. A saint, rishi or Mahatma, therefore, receives signals for the welfare of others, whereas a cruel person would receive signals to hurt others. The message is loud and clear; we need to make ourselves eligible to receive the divine-grace and it would flow. My sincere thanks to Shri Purohitji.”     RKGupta, Mayur Vihar, Delhi,  INDIA, rkgupta51@yahoo.com

Shri RK Gupta is an author of several books, the most popular ones among them being on spirituality that includes (sufism).


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