Love,Truth, and Spirituality: Christina Norman L.A.(US).

Love,Truth, and Spirituality: Christina Norman L.A.(US).

Oct 20,’10, Hi Purohit ! I Love your website. I look forward to reading your entries.  It looks  like there already is a lot of info to read. I am very impressed.  Most of the quotes you give us are very lovely. Here is an example of your quote :

An empty heart is full of unlimited joy, unlimited bliss. The only desire he may have is to make others happy. One who cannot think of the welfare of others, one who cannot love every being is still to learn what happiness is.

Let me tell you that true love is the first thing in our life.  We can Love neither God nor man without being truthful.. Truthfulness finally leads us to spirituality.  Some people say God himself is the only truth,; all else is false illusion.

2010/10/31 at 5:19 am Hi Purohit! Your website looks really fantastic, I’m really impressed with it. Thank you so much Purohit for all you are doing to spread Truth and Light in this world at this very pivotal time in human history.

Wishing you God’s speed and richest blessings, my friend.  Love, Christina ,, Los Angels (US).


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