Madhusudan:Love,Truth and Spirituality

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Madhusudan:Love,Truth & Spirituality

Madhu, VLSI Design Consultant, Bangalore, India,
March, 2010
Views of Madhusudan on this spiritual book I was lucky enough to meet Purohitji in  North America, when I was on an official assignment for few months. Before I met him, I had deep thirst to understand the truth of my existence. This inquisitive nature led me to take a travel through various spiritual organizations. Being part of a spiritual organization, one gets a lot of comfort and in consequence the inquisitiveness is shut down temporarily and makes one feel that one has got a clue for your existence. However, I strongly believe that if you are keen to know the Truth beyond, Nature reveals more. Purohitji clarified several questions over the winter of 2005, I am delighted to see that the book “The Road to inner world” contains greater and detailed answers to the doubt which any true spiritual seeker could have. Some of the questions were simple: Is it compulsory to have a spiritual Guru/spiritual/Teacher or a Guide to know the truth? Is there something called as destiny that controls when someone should realize the Truth? Is celibacy compulsory to realize the truth? Why are there several methods like, mantras, meditation , yoga and several other techniques prescribed to realize the truth? Why can’t there be one simple technique? Is the future predictable? If it is predictable, why should one even think that he should meditate, pray, worry etc. There are galaxies, milky way and unimaginable amount of space surrounding us, what difference does our life make to this ? Is science and knowledge generated distractions leading us away from the truth ? What is good or bad, seems to have been derived out of a system of rules defined by society to safely co-exist. Should one ever be guilty if he does something that doesn’t affect society, yet classified as bad as per society. Will the society accept the thoughts of a realized person? How does one strike a balance and be happy forever? These ones and many other questions got answered from my discussions with Purohitji. In my opinion the book is a gift for all spiritual-seekers keen to realize the Truth. I would like to quote Purohitji: “We have to clean our hearts to have the eyes opened to see our family, which is unlimited.  The limit or narrowness is the outcome of the wandering mind wielded to all forms of impatience created in consequence of unfulfilled desires.   Madhu

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