Meditation for Peace – Dr. K.P. Bansal

Meditation, Truth, Love, Light & God: Dr. K. P. Bansal

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November 26, 2009, Bharatpur (Rajasathan), India

As per my experience emerging from this book, all of us need peace and the technique that can lead us to eternal peace is only Meditation. God & Peace are the two synonyms for the Creator of the world.  If you are able to read this book with full attention you will realize what we really need to do so that we may attain our goal in all certainty.  Nobody can summarize the book in a few words.

Dr. K. P.Bansal (Physicist), Bharatpur ( (Rajasthan), India: November 26, 2009 : Purohitji & I were in the same college or University, affiliated to University of Agra (India). Not only that we have passed a lot of time together. I may, therefore, be observed to think more emotionally than the friends coming later in his life. Presently I am bound up with Purohitji’s book, the perusal of which one cannot afford to miss. His personality combined with sweet reasonableness of his intellect ventures out to a path of wisdom, which leads to peace of mind and in turn anchors one in a garden of silence and solitude. His sustained innate brilliance/excellence betokens the magnanimity of thought and felicity of expression. His courageous and constant insistence that individual self is the source of all sorrow and evil in our experience bespeaks the inevitable connection of sorrow with life and life with desire. The space enclosed in an earthen pot is freed from its limitations and becomes one with infinite space when the pot is broken; whether we call that infinite space or a ‘void’ or whole or ‘soul’ is more a matter of temperament than of fact. What is important is to realize that ‘self’ is free from fetters of individuality – is an everlasting “becoming” mingling ultimately into “being” I think there is no being, only an incessant becoming.The book also throws ample light on contemplation, concentration, light, dharma, wisdom, truth. Contemplation, not necearrily but for the most of us, is the precondition for meditation resulting in concentration. It is at the height of concentration that we start realizing light. Whatever efforts can lead us to the state of getting enlightened is Dharma. Truth and Wisdom are the real companions of Dharma : Dr. K. P.Bansal (Physicist), Bharatpur (University Of Rajasthan)


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