Pleasure, Joy and Spirituality

Pleasure, Joy and Spirituality

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How lovely the pretty women appear to the men’s eyes that it turns almost impossible to resist drinking their beauty through their eyes. The women too must experience the same pull.  Women think the whole pleasure is with strong men and men feel that the whole ocean of joy is with the prettiest women.  Being bored with one great beauty, a poor fellow may attempt a rape and the rich may hire the best-known beauty queens to embrace them, thus flying them to the infinite ocean of joy.  They go on changing beauty after beauty without ever having realised the destination in the infinite and everlasting ocean of joy. Women also follow their journey of joy in a zigzag manner. This man and that man, white man & black man, strong man and strongest available man!!! Man or woman  – the journey is endless.  Glamour starts fading; strength runs into waning out so much that medical prescriptions also fail to help. The moviemakers enchant the audience and more than them does the Creator allure, rather illude the creation.


Where is that beauty, human beings have been looking for, ever since the dawn of creation?  Where is the joy hidden in?  Is it in the beauty of a woman or in the muscles a man?  Or it is in both of them? Or it is in neither of them?What are we in pursuit of?

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Or we do not know even?  Or we are created just to suffer like this?  What is the mystery?  Do we ever

think that our lives have to end up like this and for nothing?  Or we are merely the tools designed just to the do a minimal part of his everlasting purpose of creation?  Of  course,we would perhaps never choose to become the tool for his/her creation but for the alluring, enticing and illuding pull.


My  friends, I do not know whether the Creator is a male or a female or is neither of them.  I do not like to bore you any more.  May be we have some answers somewhere. Shakespeare rightly said: This world is a stage and all of us are actors.  I would like to add that not only men and women but also every living being is an actor – visible or invisible to our naked eyes.  If we try to understand these words, we may be able to understand the meaning of spirituality leading us to lasting freedom, freedom from the cycle of birth and rebirth, freedom from the endless existence of suffering and sorrows interspersed with minimal and misleading sparks of pleasure and joy.

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