Love, Truth and Spirituality: Ula Winifred, Brussels, Belgium

: By Ulla Winifred, Belgium  Brussels, Belgium,April 16, 2010

With his book and this Website, Purohitji offers a glimpse through his love-filled eyes into an un-individual all-one universe. There are many books on deep and ancient truths and many of us have studied and tried to apply the handed down wisdom. Without guidance – as Purohit says with a physical personal guide or entrusting ourselves to the all-one creator’s guidance fully and completely – it is still out of our and into our conditioned mind that we take these words of experienced Truth. Purohit’s Webpage and book can be read and understood at different levels. Before the reader even starts reflecting on certain aspects, he/she has already projected through the lens of their own limitations, their concepts and perceptions, their fears and (self-) judgments, conscious or unconsious, which then make up the filter for the extent to which the offered wisdom can be received. The trick of the mind is that it lets us think that we can cast aside these limiting factors and read with what is called an “open mind”. When the reader goes deeper, he or she will be allowed to become aware of their projections and, if able to acknowledge them, be able to go beyond and thus the experience of the written words changes. This can be quite a drastic difference from the first read or a very subtle difference of the experience in the inner spaces. I have to my surprise even observed a difference in the heart centre (nearly physically) when receiving the information in the different mind-set way – much softer and slightly more sideways from where I usually sense it, with a healing effect. Then we realise that these observations are also reflections of the mind, keeping us on a superficial level of understanding. By letting the words sink ever deeper into the background or our inner being, more and more of the truth and energy thus offered can flow and resonate within.When we give up resistance and meet the essence of what is being offered, then our inner being can meet the inner being of the author.

The Ego seems to keep us busy in mental exercises about love, grace, unconditionality, humility etc. and in concepts of (often) emotional versions of these qualities. By thinking about these qualities and wanting to express them we surely contribute to the eventual moment when we are given the chance to truly experience them at a deep level. It is certainly by grace that we, who have known only limited extents of conditional love, are touched by or maybe even flooded with and immersed in divine pure inmeasurable love.Purohit is a clear surface of water that I have been lucky enough to meet in person. I would of course not allow myself to judge his purity in any way. While I am still projecting my own limitations onto others, while I am still a stirred up water-plane, how could I even recognise purity? But for navigation, I still have to go by certain “landmarks” in others. Having seen the effects the interaction with Purohitji has had on me, I could so far only detect unconditional love. I am brought into a deep connectedness and I feel that my understanding or grasping at some level or other is being lead deeper. Sometimes I may stumble over something I read.  When think I have a different understanding of the matter. And then when I continue reading, my mind is widened and opened to get a notion of where the writer is taking the reader. I am truly grateful for what is being offered to God.Dear Purohit thank you so much for living what it means being truly untouched by the actions and reactions of others! May your book and the energy thus offered reach open hearts and may it fullfil its intention and destination. May it help many to become more aware. You have for a long time been bringing that light radiation into our Earth Plane.

: By Ulla Winifred, Belgium


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