Truth, Faith and Devotion: Mukesh, Varanasi

(1) BOOK REVIEW by Mukesh Gupta,Varnasi   

Associate of The Study Centre at Rajghat Education Centre, Varanasi (KFI).  Since late 2010 he is an editor of the news letter ‘Swayam se Samvad”.  A journalist, writer and a translator – a versatile intellectual.

Road To Inner World is a sincere attempt of a serious seeker to express something, which is inexpressible. I have met Purohitji, the author of the book, quite a few times. And for me meeting and having a live contact with him is much more interesting and meaningful than reading any book written by him. In spite of this difficulty I did go through the book and found that it contains a number of serious perceptions of the author which are surely meaningful to those who are interested in this inner journey.Though I feel that there is no particular “road” to the truth and truth manifests itself simply, directly and innocently when there is unconditional love and when all beliefs, paths, methods, rituals and all dependence on any path or guru have come to an end, rather burnt in that pure flame of love and clarity.

For me the most interesting insight of the book is about the “radiations” : “…a living body is a source of transmission as well as it acts as a receiver.. All that surrounds us is a “store-house” of radiations or waves received from the thinkers of past and present…We are receivers or transistor sets being tuned to different waves.” As a living human being we are all the time emitting certain vibrations through our every action, feel or thought. If we are living a life of love and compassion that is our contribution to the consciousness. If we are feeling hatred, envy, anger or sorrow then we are contributing to the negative or evil part of the consciousness. So as an individual we are totally responsible for what we live and do. Then the real question is : Do I feel this sense of great human responsibility, or am I living a mechanical, unconscious, sleepy and therefore selfish life? If this book helps us to wake us up from our deep sleep, then it has a very deep significance.”


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