The Concept of spirituality

The Concept of spirituality

Not much can be written here about spirituality since it is beyond the scope of this little post. Nevertheless, we cannot post an empty thing – a post without something of substance to host a reader. There are certain traits of character of a spiritual person. One who is never unhappy with any living being, one who does not crave for anything, that does not fall within a normal reach, one who never loses his or her cool under any condition or circumstances – – – – – is a spiritual person. All is welcome to him forever, if he has turned spiritual. Hatred, anger, cruelty or callousness, jealousy, any kind of fear or apprehension etc. are alien to him.

The day we decide not to host all these disastrous traits, we have our spiritual journey on. Where there is a will, there is always a way. The invisible forces start escorting us leading us to the light of wisdom as the darkness of lower wisdom starts withdrawing itself.     


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