Love for God and Girl

We all know we need to be good human beings to be close to God. Being able to resist all temptations may help us have faith in Divine. It is in the interest of the inner being not to allow oneself to be misled to misinterpretations of the spiritual messages.tibet - gautama buddha

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Decades ago, a Japanese young man came to consult me on his future.  He said, “Will I make spiritual progress and reach God ?”  The answer was negative. But I  decided not to disturb the young man who was so enthusiastic about God.  I encouraged him with false forecast.  Very vigorously and emotionally he came up with another question. saying,”I  have one more question.” I said “What is that?” ,”What about my girls program” was his question filled with eagerness and ardent fervour.   I laughed and said, ” How can you sail in two boats at a time? How can you ride upon two horses at a time?  Choose either god or girls?”

 I like to think of  Lord Buddha’s life history.  I got tremendous inspiration from his available life history when I was not even nine years old.   In my opinion, I always hold at top the life history of every great saint or mahatma. 


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