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Posted on August 4, 2011     Let us  not forget that the roses that bloom have to fade.  Whether or not we choose God’s program. we have to get old and die. If you are a girl, you choose boys program; if you are a boy you  choose girls program.. It is how Mother Nature runs the creation – making and destroying..  Unfortunately the power of illusion drags even the worthiest lovers or devotees of God to have themselves coaxed into indulging into the machine of creation.  Escape may be an isolated example.

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IWe may think and we do think that if we pick up up the libido-based love program, we will be satisfied and never miss it while  engaged in God’s  program at a later stage.

Most of us do not even think for a moment that there could be some power operating all the known and unknown powers. A simple look at an attractive girl can send a thrill into every part of our body.  When I was a young student at University, I thought that this phenomenon will last only as long as it is out of experience. The day the unfulfilled desires are accomplished, it would no longer come into being.  In India, the society permitted nobody to talk even a single word pertaining to sex in those pre-television era and more so prior to fully forceful cinema era..   Even couples were not visible together even on the roads.

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Around 1970, when I was a student, I asked a respectable motherly woman (55) “Do the old men lose all the attraction towards women.”   “No!  No young woman will let them get closer to them”, was her firm reply.

“What about the women?”, I asked further.  She was quite stunned and shy. I repeated twice thrice. “why do you not speak?”   “Similar is the condition, no difference”, she had to reply. Almost three decades later (when I did cost-free Astrology), a 79 year old woman contacted me for getting information about her future. She asked me if she would get a boy-friend.   I replied “Yes”.  “Will he love sex?” was her next question.  I replied, ”Yes”.


Later I realized  myself to be ignorant. It is an eternal and immortal force.  Those who are capable of developing their willingness to escape this force of libido, do manage to have the divine feelings seated in their hearts.  Writing any longer on how to escape this viscious circle would go out of scope of this article. Nevertheless, hints are embedded.


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