Do we really love?

&  Introduction of the Book 

I feel all of us are attracted to the word love.  Love is really great and can be considered to be something unique beyond description.   People see love in sex, which is required for reproduction.  We should not forget that we are gifted with many other things for example, sympathy, feeling the pain of the dear ones, willing to help the downtrodden or the destitute.  We feel love also for pets like cats, dogs, birds like parrots.

Let us ask ourselves, who do we love?  How much love for the motherly figure will ooze out and how much will be the  flow of our  love towards the ordinary young woman?  We should be able to judge where our love is stationed?  Women can also asses themselves, if they wish. The scholarly white man and muscular black man are there in picture? One may try judging oneself.

Unfortunately a few of us speak of love in some restricted areas which leads us away from the right track of life.  This book has been written to tell my experiences of love in some other areas of life.  God also loves us but we do not reciprocate.  It is for this reason that we do not feel His Love.  If we do not feel that we get something from Him, It is just because we do not ask Him for .   Though  we ask Him for something at  certain times  but we do not get just because we  do not wait for Him.   We do not wait for Him because we do not have faith in Him.   

Let me agree with all of us, the pull  between man and woman is really love and the pleasure involved in union is really really great?   But it occurs to me: what does it mean to us when we read,God is Love, Love is God?  

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 We cannot stay honestly for  more than a small time with  a single woman. We are  bored and look for another companion.  When I was a student in India, my landlord who was in his sixties told me that  he had slept with  over one hundred women.    West is far  more advanced in these matters.  Examining the star study of a woman in the western world, I told intuitively, You may have slept with 50 persons.  Next day the girl came to me to show the list of the names of the men who had so far shared their bed with her.   She said that it  was exactly 50.   Another  chaste woman was standing nearby. I exclaimed with surprise,Fifty_ _ _.  She replied calmly, in this western world two to three hundred is a normal number.

Let us ask ourselves,is it love? Were we born for this purpose?  What else are we doing here?  Have we not damaged the sanctity of love?  Are we not defiling essence of this word that had to represent something of Divinity?  The selfless love of great mothers for the children, the love of  noble hearts for the suffering human beings.   The love of  Jesus for the sufferers,  the love of a big number of Prophets, saints and many unknown persons  – is absolutely out of our view.   Do we mean to equate our lust  to the only noble sentiment known to us?

Certainly somewhere we are confused.  If sex is love and God also is love, we seem to imply that sex can be equated to God.  Is it the language of infatuation or the language of reality?   Perhaps we seem to speak more than the Freudian understanding of sexual phenomenon. 

The answers are there in the book though not in a direct manner.  On a website we have to post general discussions.  I have tried raising questions for the major part leaving philosophy for future.  


We all need to study our past and present. Let us ask ourselves individually, “What have I gained through all these years?

What has this act of pleasure given me?  I do know that the pleasure is momentary – will there ever be an end of this proclivity?  Is there nothing superior to this act?  Will anybody get addicted to drug, if this act were so great?  What for, are the people spending a huge amount of money to get a perfect partner for a single day?  Isn’t it something like  mirage?  These words are equally true for both sexes.  If there is no gain why should we spend the precious moments of the precious human life?  We are our own teachers, if we don’t study the book written on our consciousness, no body will be able to help us.  Can God help those who don’t help themselves?”

I have put tacit questions, which you may be able to read between the lines.

to be continued  

Posted on August 21, 2011


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