What or Who Is God in Your Opinion? asked an Excogitating engineer

 The following article is in response to a question put by xexcognitatingengineer@gmail.com at 7.01 p.m. on Aug.1, 2011

These words are in reply to the question he put. 

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What or who God is – here is my humble opinion.  I feel I am there in this body; but I do not know where I am in this body.  If the hands, legs, thighs, ears eyes and nose, and teeth etc. are removed; I may be still there  If the heart is replaced by another heart, I may still be there.

It is not understandable what I am. Some people say that every 7-yearall your cells are replaced … that every seven years your “body chemistry” changes, making you susceptible to new allergies.  It is believed that hemoglobin dies in four months giving place to newer ones.  Blood, changing, flesh changing, even teeth and bones undergoing both the process catabolism and anabolism.  Though not synchronized, mind and reason are subjected to incessant changes.  Here are the pictures of Gloria Stuart, the Actress of  `Titanic`.

We cannot say what is true. Major particles of life are undergoing changes every second; otherwise the young people would not wither out day after day.  This changing

material cannot be “I”.  The changing ego cannot be “I”.  

Though unknowingly, every one of us seems to be in search of oneself.

The contents of the human body are somewhat analogical to a river whose water is perennially changing.  Standing on the bank of the river we never realize that the contents of the river are ever engaged in the process of change.  Its banks too are subjected to changes with the passage of time.

Look at the globe.  Every second approximately one hundred persons are leaving their bodies and approximately an equal number appears as newly born ones with an unknown destiny.  The sick and the healthy, the weak and the strong, the rich and the poor, the rulers and the humble ones and high or low – all are subjected to the eternal process of death. In this ever-changing world it is difficult to understand where the “I” is. The inner thoughts are changing at every moment 

If we sit for a while with our eyes closed, and observe what we are speaking and listening to, simultaneously also taking a note of who or what we are looking at.  I may find myself planning what I shall talk to my boss so that he feels flattered and pleased. 

Hoarding money and buying a new comfortable house where I shall be welcoming my friends who will then be respecting and loving me more than ever. They will talk about me.  But I may fall short of money.  I will go to mother who will help me with money.  But my mother loves my younger sister more, who will prevent mom from helping me. I am sure of my dad.  I shall say, “Dad, I have done so much because of you.  But for your help I shall be in a miserable condition in my life.”  Dad will say, “Don’t worry,  Joseph,  you will get every help” My boyfriend was saying,”Michelle,,  when are you moving in with me?”   Next month  I will get job.  My employer is a director general.  He seems pleased with me in every way.  He can create any job for me.     Once I am having full time job, I shall tell Joseph to marry me, otherwise I shall say that I will marry another boy friend.   According to the Tarot Astrologer I will get also a very good house.     

When I have a good house, men will be after me.  Job, money house – what more will these boy friends have!  Everybody says I am very pretty. Donald was saying that I could easily win “Miss Country Contest”. 

 Dear readers, it is flow of mind, never stopping.  One thing or the other is always there.   Let me ask myself. Am I having an  ever changing mind or a stable mind.?  or  I am somewhere else?.  The house, the boss, the job, the boss, the bride or employee, what am I thinking of? Getting married I shall start dreaming of a baby.  Where is the location of  `”I”.   It is me but `”Me”  is not visible or understandable.  Unless we break away from ego, sex and greed, this non-stop voice and scenes or sights will continue to play within ourselves.  The internal audiovisual media are always at play.

 If we want to know ourselves, we will have to get rid of all the desires.  I or Me is wrapped up in desires.  The moment desires are gone, the mind will evaporate as though it never existed.   Then and then alone we may find   our answers.  How and who can get freedom from desires?

We are slaves in the kingdom of desires. Perhaps in that stage of freedom we may feel that we are in everybody;  everybody and everything is within us.  Nothing will be understandable as long as the ego along with its its multiple branches in form of desires does not disappear.The discussion may go  very long and boring.  The eyes can only see but not hear.  The ears can only hear but not see.   The tongue can create sound but not see or hear. The body and skin can only touch or hug or embrace but can neither see nor hear.  The nose can only smell and can report nothing else.Our mind is the recorder of all these five reporters.  Its job is to record and keep playing in the background without any interval. The memory of the records makes the mind analyse what is good or bad, favourable or unfavourable. If eyes cannot hear, ears cannot see, nose cannot taste – – – how can we expect the imprisoned mindto see God!!!  It may imply that we need to go beyond mind.  The mind need not have its existence.  Perhaps it is a barrier.

The thoughts are also ever changing.  They may appear identical but are never the same.  The current of thoughts is also uninterrupted.  If this is the state of affairs with the physical as well as the mental body, who is ‘I’?  One knows ‘I’ through the thoughts only.  If the current of thoughts were to stop, what one recognizes, as ‘I’ would no longer be there.  The indefinable entity that stays ever unchanged and is just the observer of these changes through the thoughts, which do not have any existence, is GOD. 

Who among us wants to see God; we arwe all afraid of  losing our existence.  I need to keep quiet; I have been too loquacious. Readit as my humble submission. 


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