What is or Who is God?

Posted on August 13, 2011

What  or Who is God?

Nobody can tell  us what God is or who God is .  If we believe there is God, God alone can help us know what He is.   All others are more or less like  us; they cannot tell us anything that will enable us to get the last answer.  The best answer is “Ask Him”.  In other words, Pray to Him”. Prayer is nothing but a call from our heart.  A child cries, ” Mom, where are you?”  We all are happy playing with the toys. Everyone of us is at play with the numerous toys. The dollar, the Euro, the GBP etc., trying to dominate overall of us or some of us  to enjoy the bloated ego, the girlfriend, the boyfriend, the wife, the husband, things like pizza, the dessert, the chiken, the barbecue and a numerous cuisine – – there are countless things to keep us engaged with.

We are the children who do not need the mother but like just the the toys. If we lose one toy,we may struggle and suffer for the half our life or even whole of our life, sometimes.  Seemingly, none of us needs to know what or who God is. We get addicted to toys so much that we never have time to think of our mother,  our Creator,our poor God.

When I was a three-four year old baby, I asked my eldest sister (16-17), “where have I come from?”  She raised her finger towards the starry sky and said,”God has sent you”.  She was successful in shutting up my mouth so much so that I never questioned again and lost the whole life  in running after the toys that only eluded me.

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What is or Who is God


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