Love and spirituality

“|Love is the only most talked about word. Somebody said,  “There can be only one happiness in life – to love and to be loved.”        Way back, I was looking at the palm of a

person, when a five-six year old boy, pushing forward his eight year old brother asked me if some girl would love him.  How strong is the instinct of what we call love!!   Some years back, a 79 year old motherly figure contacted me to know if she would get a boy friend and also if he would love to have physical union.

It is said that the libido in a female is awakened between the age of eight and thirteen and in a male between nine and fourteen.  Also it is understood that this libido is the life long companion of both sexes. Being attracted to the opposite sex is seen as love.  Whether we call it love or not, it exists everywhere for all the times.  We cannot think of exceptions.  The moment love turns out to be possessive, it loses its beauty. We may hold debates after debates; the flow of love between a male and a female shall continue to be perpetual. It is real and exists everywhere.  Though not infinitely, though not forever, everyone gets the occasion to love and to be loved.   To be in joy, one has to learn to feel contented with whatever is available and whenever it is available. If one cannot do so, one should be prepared to shed tears or pass sleepless nights.  Alternatively one may seek shelter with tranquilizers.    On the other side some of us talk of Divine Love wherein the beloved is invisible; once realised the joy felt by a lover is infinite. We cannot love the Divine beloved without realising that the mundane love is ephemeral and vulnerable, no matter it may be within easy access for some of us.  In no case security and stability can be granted since life itself is in a flow of uncertainty.  Given serious thought to it, turns one to spirituality


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