Birth and Rebirth

Birth & Rebirth

Everybody must agree to the fact that we are not here forever. Whether or not there is any rebirth  – nothing evidential is available to our elites of knowledge. We can estimate how many children are born on an average each day and how many from within us die everyday.  We have got nothing to prove or refute the notion that there is any reincarnation of the being.  Here is a report available on the web.

KS Aubin: The U.S. Census Bureau publishes an up-to-date estimate of the world population. As of July 15, 2009, 13:03:01 GMT, 6,771,235,038 men, women and children, including babies inhabit the world. The continent of Asia hold 60% of the world’s population at 4,053,868,153. But more importantly 353,015 babies are born each day, 14,709 each hour and 245 each minute with an average life expectancy (at birth) of 67 years.

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Not only that we also cannot know how long are we meant to be on this earth.  We may live for one hundred years or more. It is a possibility, not a certainty. No wonder if the next moment does away with any person irrespective of one being old person or a young one or a sick person or healthiest one, the wealthiest or the poorest one, the most powerful emperor of the world or the lowliest of the street beggar.  Death welcomes all of us equally regardless of what we are.  In quintessence I feel that all our greatest achievements will be undone.  One can argue it will help the posterity.  It may imply that we are trying to make the posterity happier.   The same will be the answer received from our posterity.  We do not want to think over what we are doing.

What are we in pursuit of?  Money or sex or status? Or all of them or some of them? What else?   The poorest person thinks he will be happy when he can fulfil his bare needs. The middleman thinks others are richer than him.  He must at least be equal to them. Once he overtakes them, he turns ambitiously restless to measure heights above them.  The moment a person becomes the richest man of the world he is afraid of falling down from the greatest height. No peace at any point.

Not less troublesome is the desire for status. The lowest employee in an office desires to get an optimum status so that he may enjoy a higher society.

The higher he goes the more is the play of jealousy, rivalry envy, hidden animosity etc. is visible.  Peace turns a remote dream.

If one tries finding pleasure and peace with sex, one finds pain beyond imagination. Cheating on sweethearts, jealousy and hijacking are the salient features of this area. Greater beauty and greater muscle power is the search, labelled mistakenly as love.  Tears, sleepless nights are the gifts received by true love-seekers.

I do not like to portray a more painful picture. Do these sorrows end with this life or do not leave one even after death. A poet says, “I want to suicide but if I do not get peace even after death, where will I go?

                  THE STORY OF REBIRTH

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There is a city of Mathura in the Province Uttar Pradesh in India.  I had stayed with a friend named Kirti Pal Sharma for some years in this town.  He was owner of an Ayurvedic Pharmacitical company named Sukh Sancharak Company located in Chhatta Bazar.  I read in a national Magazine the story of his father’s birth and rebirth.

His father had been shot dead when he was a little child (boy).  According to the magazine the victim was reborn in England.  This person also died young.  His next birth was in New Delhi, which is nearly 200 km from Mathura.  As a child ( grown-up one) he talked at his home about his previous family  at Mathura.  Everybody dismissed his words as childish talk.  One day he said to his father, “Let us go to Mathura, I can show you my family of that life”  His New Delhi parents agreed to do so.   They went to Mathura.  There the child could show the house and his wife about 70 years old.   I am writing everything briefly.

One day I asked my friend Kirtipal Sharma if the story was true.  My friend spoke in reply:

He told my mother those secret things, which nobody else could know.  I asked, “Were they true?” My friend replied that they b were right.

Nature produces such evidence time and again.  But we are in habit of dismissing such things as concocted ones.  My friend must be alive. I talked to him on phone over three years ago.

Whether or not we like to read and think over such things, the facts and realities of human life on this earth shall stay ever unchanged.  If you look for evidence, only God can produce it for you, God alone can dispel your doubts.   One who believes in rebirth has to believe in karm (karma), believing in karm makes you one who tries to do good karm (good things).   If all of us can have true understanding of such things, the humanity can build a better society.


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