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Love is Power of of God

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Love is Power of of God

Love and Family Member One
Little airplane

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Flight in Air

Ancient books from India consider the whole of the humanity as one family.  As God is both father and mother, all of us are his children.  In that sense we the children are brothers and sisters.  Therefore we need to live for all whosoever is around us.  The ancient writer says, “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam”.  The whole of the humanity is your family.

In my lifetime I have been observing that the meaning has been fast changing.  When I was a child, the meaning of family was all those who are offshoots of the father from the 13th century.  Later it shrank to grandpa, grandma and all the cousins of my parents.  My brother Janeshwar Tyagi’s family at New Delhi is a living example. That family is comprised of his mother and his three sons along with wives of everybody are living under the same roof and eating from one kitchen. The sons keep travelling over the globe.  His extended family is beyond the imagination modern mind.  Now I am surprised to see particularly among those who are westernized that the meaning of a family of a man means only his wife.  Change is the law of nature.  Who can control?

Let me be permitted to talk about something that enhances and accelerates the heartbeat of all of us.  I am going to talk about the most common instinct understood and spoken as “love”.  It is what keeps life continuing on our planet.

Air Host

A few years ago I was sitting in an aeroplane, when my companion told me that the airhost was looking down upon you. I requested to let me know who he is.  When he was walking towards us a finger pointed. I beckoned him to come to me.  When he was with me I asked him to spread both his palms.  Having exposed some secrets of his life, I sent him back.

Air Hostess

He went back but sent an airhostess.  I said to her, “What do you want?”  “Marriage”, was her reply. I asked her how old she was.  She told me that she was thirty-two because in my eyes the palm was telling that she was twenty-six when she had started life with the young man   I told her that she had been married for the last six years.   She retorted she was not married.   I asked her if she had a boy friend.   She agreed that she had.  I asked how long had he been her boyfriend.  Her reply was for six years.  I had to tell her that it was marriage.  The only problem is that you want a marriage certificate.  I can’t give it.  In the eyes of God it is marriage.

Airplane Pub 2

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AIrhostess Serving food

She went away but sent another airhostess. I said to her, “What do you want?”  “Marriage”, was her reply. I asked her how old she was.  She told me that she was forty.   I told her that she had been married for the last ten years because in my eyes the palm was telling that she was thirty when she had started life with the young man.   She retorted she was not married.   I asked her if she had a boy friend.   She agreed that she had.  I asked how long he had been her boyfriend.  Her reply was for ten years.  I had to tell her that it was marriage.  The only problem is that you want a marriage certificate.  I can’t give it.  In the eyes of God it is marriage.

In this way, I acquired a good technique to be respected by the airhosts and airhostess.  You might like to ask me questions about it. Does the science of predictions apply only to love and marriage?  Does it apply to all or only to a few persons?   Does it apply to human beings?   If you ask me I would say in all humbleness that it applies to everything on the earth – living and nonliving things, visible and invisible things, your laughter and tears and much more – – – – .

Here comes the question, “What are we doing here?”

He has installed one powerful instinct in all of us.  We may give it any name distrust, disbelief or doubt – – – .   It does not let us rest or does not let us accept this fact.  With this trait having installed in us he has been using us as toys for running his business. Love is one of the greatest power of God  If it is not required within His planless plan, none can ever get rid of it.  Love is one of the greatest power of God. At our best we can wish to pray to Him.

This post leaves us with a host of questions; we shall trying dealing with them ata later  stage.



Birth chart - northern format

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My purpose to work on Astrology was just to discover the truth of   DESTINY.


The descendant is directly across from the asc...

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Rare might be the persons among our friends, who are not familiar with the word Destiny irrespective of their belief or disbelief in it.  The moment of

birth, the moment of death, the moment of getting married and the moment of getting  Birth Chart - southern format

employed eare all predestined.  All of us have descended to this earth as captives. It might sound ludicrous but it is true. I too do not accept destiny but

The mounts of the hand used in palm reading.

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when the storm has abated, I realize that destiny was laughing in my face.  Let me be allowed to notify that I am not now what I was in the days bygone.

Long ago, a friend of mine was waiting for the first child of his wife.  Nine months were going to finish without showing any signs of the advent of the new baby.  He was feeling scared so much that he asked me when he would get the baby.  5p.m. January 23 was my answer – a few weeks to go on the date of prediction.  The baby was received at 4 p.m. January 24.  The astrologer was incorrect by 23 hours, though the rising sign (ascendant) was correct to prediction.

Apart from births, I had to write or speak of at least five deaths, I can recall.  But the memoirs would assign not only me but also several readers to dark shadows of gloom.

My astrology was a blend of inhaling–exhaling system observation (swaroday Vigyan), horary Astrology, Palmistry and intuition etc.  I was never a professional astrologer.

Let us laugh a bit.   One afternoon around 1999, a psychiatrist came to me. I did not demand birth time, birth chart or even a look at her palm.  Having worked my long calculations, at least for an hour I spoke to her, “Who met you in May 1987”.  The curt reply was, “It was my first boyfriend, but you are incorrect by one month”.  Sorry, the major part of the calculations was made on brain only, replied I.  You are leaving this country, I added.  She replied that she had never thought of it.  In a month or two when I saw her again, she said, “I am going to the US sooner than later”.

I am giving small parts of Astrogical talk of each meeting – the whole is neither possible nor acceptable.

On some other day, a woman 25 came to me.  I said, “ Your husband is fond of serving patients”.  She said, “Yes, he is a doctor”.   The stars were telling me that she would marry many times in her life.  How to tell such a prediction?  I said, “Many men would love you?”.  Within a short while she had moved to the third man. I am not getting any info from her.  Even her friends do not talk to me, write to me.  I searched the facebook but to no avail. May be she must have excluded me or included me in the list of who should not see her.  It was my Destiny to lose a friend in this manner.

Love and spirituality

“|Love is the only most talked about word. Somebody said,  “There can be only one happiness in life – to love and to be loved.”        Way back, I was looking at the palm of a

person, when a five-six year old boy, pushing forward his eight year old brother asked me if some girl would love him.  How strong is the instinct of what we call love!!   Some years back, a 79 year old motherly figure contacted me to know if she would get a boy friend and also if he would love to have physical union.

It is said that the libido in a female is awakened between the age of eight and thirteen and in a male between nine and fourteen.  Also it is understood that this libido is the life long companion of both sexes. Being attracted to the opposite sex is seen as love.  Whether we call it love or not, it exists everywhere for all the times.  We cannot think of exceptions.  The moment love turns out to be possessive, it loses its beauty. We may hold debates after debates; the flow of love between a male and a female shall continue to be perpetual. It is real and exists everywhere.  Though not infinitely, though not forever, everyone gets the occasion to love and to be loved.   To be in joy, one has to learn to feel contented with whatever is available and whenever it is available. If one cannot do so, one should be prepared to shed tears or pass sleepless nights.  Alternatively one may seek shelter with tranquilizers.    On the other side some of us talk of Divine Love wherein the beloved is invisible; once realised the joy felt by a lover is infinite. We cannot love the Divine beloved without realising that the mundane love is ephemeral and vulnerable, no matter it may be within easy access for some of us.  In no case security and stability can be granted since life itself is in a flow of uncertainty.  Given serious thought to it, turns one to spirituality

Love and Spirituality- link

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What is or Who is God?

Posted on August 13, 2011

What  or Who is God?

Nobody can tell  us what God is or who God is .  If we believe there is God, God alone can help us know what He is.   All others are more or less like  us; they cannot tell us anything that will enable us to get the last answer.  The best answer is “Ask Him”.  In other words, Pray to Him”. Prayer is nothing but a call from our heart.  A child cries, ” Mom, where are you?”  We all are happy playing with the toys. Everyone of us is at play with the numerous toys. The dollar, the Euro, the GBP etc., trying to dominate overall of us or some of us  to enjoy the bloated ego, the girlfriend, the boyfriend, the wife, the husband, things like pizza, the dessert, the chiken, the barbecue and a numerous cuisine – – there are countless things to keep us engaged with.

We are the children who do not need the mother but like just the the toys. If we lose one toy,we may struggle and suffer for the half our life or even whole of our life, sometimes.  Seemingly, none of us needs to know what or who God is. We get addicted to toys so much that we never have time to think of our mother,  our Creator,our poor God.

When I was a three-four year old baby, I asked my eldest sister (16-17), “where have I come from?”  She raised her finger towards the starry sky and said,”God has sent you”.  She was successful in shutting up my mouth so much so that I never questioned again and lost the whole life  in running after the toys that only eluded me.

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What is or Who is God

True Story of a Writer: Without Hypocrisy

The following story depicts the traits not only the of an Indian writer but also of others in other parts of the world.  I have been faced with only a very few of them and not all of them.  Not b

any standard does the article aim at casting aspersions on any writer in any manner.  I do not know if the number of such writers is negligibly small.  It is not a problem that calls for any statistical analysis

True Story of a Writer: Without Hypocrisy

 I go deep down into my life when I was a student at a college in Mathura, I am reminded of an interesting story.  My friend was a great admirer of me being a good foreteller, though I believe, I was not and am not.

One friend of my friend requested me to visit his home and just study the birth charts etc. of the members of his family Indian families used to comprise of seven to seventeen members and over.  For me it was an honour.  I agreed without any demur or hesitance.  Having got to his home I said to him that I had seen books written by him in at several stores in some big cities of India.  Being a writer of books on Palmistry and Astrology, why did he need a layman to be consulted?  He replied very politely that writing books was one thing and knowing the subject matter is altogether a different thing. 

I asked him without having knowledge, how was it possible to write books?   He replied that he would bring some books from library and would pick up something from one book, something from the other and something from the third —-. A book would be ready.  

I asked him further how many books he had written.  He replied the number might be about sixteen hundred.  “How many days does it take you to prepare one book?” was my last question.  “Just three-four days,” was his reply. I do not remember what I did for him as a foreteller.

I cannot criticize him; I cannot find faults with him in view of all the candour he had to be clean and open hearted to a friend of younger generation.  I have forgotten his face; I have forgotten his name. But his straightforwardness has left an indelible impression on my consciousness. I am virtually moved to tears at his plight, hard work and honesty. Major part of the worth of his hard work went to the publishers.  With all this untiring labour he could just manage to feed his family.  Why would he, if he were a rich man, look for an Astrologer?  

I do not know what or who god is?

I do not know what or who God is?

The way, people want to understand God, is beyond my ability.  Human mind is dependent only on the senses (eyes, ears, taste smell and touch).  

God is the Creator of all of them but He is beyond all of them.  

That we may know God, the first step is to go beyond all of them, where there are no questions left,  no memories and information are at play.  This done everything follows in its own way.

To begin with we may find it almost impossible.  If we continue to stick to our decision and selfless desire to know Him, the degree of our patience diminishes the the length of the time we  may have to wait.  When patience grows infinite, the time to wait  turns zero.