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I am actually interested in letting you know something about the future of the life on this earth. It may be considered to be somewhat analogical to the meteorological forecast.  It will not be clear to each one of us unless I mention how that may be done. It might be blending of several physical, metaphysical and non physical sciences.

After my primary schooling at a very small village of mine I got to a hostel in the nearest bigger town of India, where I expected to have a bit of higher qualifications.   There may have been approximately fifty students aging ten to twenty-five years.  I was just ten. In conformity with Indian norms I had to learn from elders and also act in compliance with their suggestions or orders.  A fourteen-year-old boy chose to help me with his knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.  He said to me, “ Get up at 4 O’ clock every morning and pray to God.  I asked him, “ How will I get up at 4 O’ Clock?”  “Ask your pillow to wake you up at 4O’ Clock and it will be done.” I followed his instructions and every morning I was up at 4O’ Clock for decades together.  Most of us were poor and had no alarm Clock.  Some of the richer and senior students set their alarm clocks at 4 O’ clock but they found that their alarm failed to get them out of sleep. One of the brilliant students asked me to wake him up at 4 O’ Clock.  His alarm was found ringing when I tried waking him up.  Thus I could feel that there was also an alarm clock within me.

The luxury of having a clock was for a small number of hostellers.  My roommate was a senior student.  He often needed me to go to the adjacent room to tell him the time shown by the clock. He would often order, “Go and find the time from the clock.”  Without any move I would reply (for example), “It is 5:23 p.m.”  He would angrily scold me, “why do you not go?”  I would peep into the adjacent room and reply,  “It is 5:23m p.m.”  On another occasion he said, “ Go and find the time”.  I would reply, “It is 3:14 p.m.”  The same scolding was repeated, “Why do you not go?”  Without ignoring I complied with his orders and would come back with the reply, “It is 3:14 p.m.”  How many times this exercise was repeated is absolutely out of memory.  But I remember them as the divine messengers who showed me that the immortal clock was installed in me.   Today I do not see that clock inside me.  It is there, gone nowhere but covered with the dark shadows of Maya (illusion).

Once standing on an Indian railway platform, I looked at a bookstall.  I caught sight of a book written by Cheiro. I turned over pages and was rendered captive by the line:

It was the Hindus who discovered that the precession of vernal equinoxes takes place in twenty-six thousand, eight hundred and fifty-seven years and the modern scientists have merely been able to prove that it is correct.  In contrast I have read the modern scientist consider this period of the wobbling of the earth twenty-five thousand and eight hundred years.  I have to and am compelled to emphasize that the internal clock can never be incorrect. Scientists are ok within their limitations.

If you look at the globe in some school or an office you may find the axis of the globe (the line joining the north and the south pole) is tilted by 23 to 24 degrees.  On an average every 74 years this tilting goes on increasing by 1 degree.  In this way earth completes a cycle of 360 degrees in 26857 years.

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