Introduction: By Ula Winifred, Brussels, Belgium

Introduction: By Ula Winifred, Brussels, Belgium

This Blog shall be a source of inspiration and exchange for those interested in Spirituality and matters related to this exiting journey. It will provide reference points for both, beginners and seasoned aspirants, for their inner process – which is in fact not a journey or a linear process at all. It is a platform for meeting with like minded spiritual wanderers.

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Spirituality is necessarily something that is unique to the relationship between every individual and the all-embracing creative force. To recognize this all-pervading presence (God, Brahma, Allah, Buddha nature or which ever name we give it) in every human, in every being, in every act and every thought, and to allow it to act in accordance with its infinite ever unfolding design through us, is the goal of every spiritual aspirant and seeker. And yet we unknowingly choose many aberrations and detours, on the one hand to divert attention from our faults, shortcomings and weaknesses and, on the other hand, because we do not even know how to act otherwise, due to our mind being thus confused and entangled in the reflexions of the physical world.

This blog also offers possibilities to put forth questions to oneself, to the author of the book, the author of this blog, other bloggers and, of course, to the one all-directing Love-force.

As a basic principle it is understood that this is an open forum for all serious hearts of seekers and wanderers on this earth, for those who are looking for a platform for exchange in a respectful and loving atmosphere, for those genuinely interested in true “BEING”.

Meeting Purohitji

On one of my travels, the author’s wife was kind enough to offer the hospitality of their home to me (in India, New Delhi at the time), which I am still grateful for. This gave me the opportunity to sit and talk with the author in the field of his radiation. He suggested parts of his book for reading.

Later – now the author and his wife were living in Canada – the idea was born to translate this book into German. It should be out there on the market and reach the people who want to touch the unknown.

Some of you will notice while reading some of the chapters, the mind will immediately start putting labels on what is read. However, only by letting the read sink into the deeper background, deeper underdstanding will follow.

One could say, the reader has to entrust herself/himself completely to the One expressing truth through the author.

I started off translating

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without any goal or aim. I had no idea whether I would be able to produce a sound translation at all, nor what time it would take me. I was actually doing it “for him”. You will find that reading this book is like sitting with a Master. They often repeat things to lull the mind, only to then say or do something that would reach into the deepest core of your being. The text can impart direct understanding. The more often you read, the further your mind will expand.

However, it is mischievous. It comes to you in very easy to understand language, as if it were the simplest matter on Earth. One can easily put it away without even getting a glimpse of its wealth. It is like a treasure that will only show its beauty to the one who enters with the one desire in his heart – to touch upon truth.

To the reader

The most remarkable trait in Purohitji is the unconditional love he expresses constantly. He is resting in himself and neither weakness of others, nor limitations imposed on him change anything about his unfaltering total trust in the Divine Source that is his true friend always.

The book should reach anybody from beginners to seasoned aspirants interested in spiritual understanding. Therefore the author – and myself in the translation – kept it as simple as possible, so that people with the least background may be able to understand.

Somebody has said: “This has not come from human mind, it will expand and deepen your understanding beyond your mind’s limitations and beyond your imagination, if you allow it to do so”.

In the autobiographic parts of the book you will understand more why Purohitji should write such a book, why it should get out there and why there is no personal interest in your spiritual advancement or success.

May you all who visit this blog and read the lines brought down onto paper by this thinker and praticioner be led to deep joy and fulfilment!

About the translator

In her long career as advisor and consultant in EU and international field, the translator has  relied on her professional competence, motivation, her ability and skills in acting in challenging political environments, on her strenghts in dealing with people from different cultural backgrounds, her immediate intuitive grasp of and acting in complexe contexts. She  constantly uses  4 working languages German (her mother tongue) English,French, Spanish. For 20 years now  she has also been working as Transformational Coach and accompanying people in difficult living situations and with their spiritual search as spiritual healer and teracher. Her own spiritual growing process has led her to the  handed down spiritual basis of the different cultures and traditions, onto many travels through wide parts of India and other countries with lively spiritual traditions and into meeting with spiritual masters.

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