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Edited and given a final form in June 2009 along with it being registered with Canada. A very large number of electronic copies of this manuscript were sent to the professors of Philosophy and writers in North America and Europe prior to finalization of everything. It went generously to many hands. We are still in process.

It was copyrighted On June 29, 2009 with the Canadian intellectual  property office and all formalities followed.  We have its German version.  Hindi and French versions are under way.  What happens lies in the store of future.

Registration:  REGISTRATION  # 1068989,

AUTHOR # 029140,

DATE/TIME : 26 Jun 09 21:44:27

The ISBNs:  

2nd print:  978-0-9864853-0-5

3rd print:  978-0-9864853-1-2