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My purpose to work on Astrology was just to discover the truth of   DESTINY.


The descendant is directly across from the asc...

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Rare might be the persons among our friends, who are not familiar with the word Destiny irrespective of their belief or disbelief in it.  The moment of

birth, the moment of death, the moment of getting married and the moment of getting  Birth Chart - southern format

employed eare all predestined.  All of us have descended to this earth as captives. It might sound ludicrous but it is true. I too do not accept destiny but

The mounts of the hand used in palm reading.

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when the storm has abated, I realize that destiny was laughing in my face.  Let me be allowed to notify that I am not now what I was in the days bygone.

Long ago, a friend of mine was waiting for the first child of his wife.  Nine months were going to finish without showing any signs of the advent of the new baby.  He was feeling scared so much that he asked me when he would get the baby.  5p.m. January 23 was my answer – a few weeks to go on the date of prediction.  The baby was received at 4 p.m. January 24.  The astrologer was incorrect by 23 hours, though the rising sign (ascendant) was correct to prediction.

Apart from births, I had to write or speak of at least five deaths, I can recall.  But the memoirs would assign not only me but also several readers to dark shadows of gloom.

My astrology was a blend of inhaling–exhaling system observation (swaroday Vigyan), horary Astrology, Palmistry and intuition etc.  I was never a professional astrologer.

Let us laugh a bit.   One afternoon around 1999, a psychiatrist came to me. I did not demand birth time, birth chart or even a look at her palm.  Having worked my long calculations, at least for an hour I spoke to her, “Who met you in May 1987”.  The curt reply was, “It was my first boyfriend, but you are incorrect by one month”.  Sorry, the major part of the calculations was made on brain only, replied I.  You are leaving this country, I added.  She replied that she had never thought of it.  In a month or two when I saw her again, she said, “I am going to the US sooner than later”.

I am giving small parts of Astrogical talk of each meeting – the whole is neither possible nor acceptable.

On some other day, a woman 25 came to me.  I said, “ Your husband is fond of serving patients”.  She said, “Yes, he is a doctor”.   The stars were telling me that she would marry many times in her life.  How to tell such a prediction?  I said, “Many men would love you?”.  Within a short while she had moved to the third man. I am not getting any info from her.  Even her friends do not talk to me, write to me.  I searched the facebook but to no avail. May be she must have excluded me or included me in the list of who should not see her.  It was my Destiny to lose a friend in this manner.


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